Apr 20, 2015

Scap Weekender Bag

The Brisbane MQG are planning on having a Amy Butler Weekender Bag Sewalong and I'm one of the three that have volunteered to help mentor others through the construction process.

I've not made a weekender before! I wondered what all the fuss was!? 
Now that I'm part way through - I can see why it is a challenge for some. 

I don't usually buy patterns because my previous day job was a pattern maker. It took me a few days to read and re-read the instructions. And get my head around how someone else may make the bag. 

I then looked at the yardage required to make!  Wow! Lots of fabric - when you live in Aus - Expensive! So I turned to my stash! What can I make out of what I have on hand?! Hmmm?! I lots of lovely bright scraps. (Secret - I bought some scrap bags on Instagram someone was destashing. A great way to increase a stash without completely blowing the budget).

Who will use the bag...? My little gal loves brights! I also know she loves Summerset Stars! I made her a purse for Christmas with one as a feature. She adores it. 

I started cutting my stash into 3" squares. Fold press, fold press, fold press..... Repeat 180 times! Yikes what am I doing?! Sew... Sew... Sew!

Worth it? Right?! Well I think so and most importantly little miss does too. "Mummy!? Oh I like this! They are all my favourite colours! Who is it for?" 
I didn't tell her!!!! But delighted with her reaction! 

Yesterday was our Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild sew day. I made some good progress on the bag and chatted to others about the construction process. 

One side panel

Other side panel (disclosure - I'm not doing to main panel pockets - so my bag will look a little different to some others you may have seen)

Zipper panel

And today... We have dimension! 

I'm only part way through this step and am finding that there is a lot of ease in the zipper panel. My bag is so stiff I don't think I can ease just over 2" in without tucks, so am back tracking for a bit and making the zipper panel and base shorter by 2". 

Linking up with Mrs Sew and Sow and She Can Quilt for their Scraptastic Tuesday! 

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Happy Quilting...

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  1. wow that summerset star is totally awesome !! good luck with the bag, its looking gorgeous !

  2. Awesome! My favorite colors too! The bag will be too pretty to use! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, what a great idea.
    How tiny are the scaps, this really catches my eye.

  4. Love this bright and cheery bag! Lucky daughter!

  5. Your daughter will be so happy when she finds out you've made it especially for her :o)

  6. Amazing! Hope it all goes smoothly an I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled - I would be! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. Amazing! Hope it all goes smoothly an I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled - I would be! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  8. It's looking gorgeous Jenny. That little scrappy star is just to die for :)