Dec 13, 2013

Things I've Discovered

While working on my last Quilt I discovered lots of different things about my process of designing and making (in no set order). I have now had a little time to reflect on some of them and am sharing with you so you may learn from my mistakes.

I always buy fabric for a project and rarely use just from my stash. I need to purchase more of the fabric that I love as I tend to use more of it in a project than I anticipate. Why? Because when I design I change my mind several times along the way.

The first quilting design may not always be the best option. Tearing it out does take less time if you pull the bobbin tread.
 Ugly Stitching!
Much better!

Try new things. I have never been a huge fan of appliqué - however there are many different finishes for appliqué. I could not see an easy way to piece my last design quickly and with a challenge deadline looming I oppted to look at alternatives, namely appliqué. I tried many different finishes before I settled for using 6mm elastic to conceal my edges, essentially creating a stained glass window effect.

Never leave heavy tear away stabilizer in a quilt - it will feel crunchy and not snugly.

Challenge yourself. This could lead to new and exciting things.

Heat and starch can set some washable pens - always test! Yikes! I love how fine the Sewline Styla Pen is.

When using the walking foot - my machine prefers two layers of batting. The walking foot is my friend. I love free motion quilting but not when I have to wrangle a heavy quilt though my small throat space. I can only dream of owning a longarm.

When pin basting - pin on the floor then move to a more comfortable position to close all of those pins! What a difference to your back and knees.

Mimic design shapes through the quilting. Creating unity.

Sometimes less is more! I tested different options for quilting. It is worth the extra effort.

Proportion and scale are important! While using my design wall over the last few months I got used to looking at the single arc of the DWR with the seam allowances. The proportion of the design was lost as soon as I took those allowances away. I think it had a lot to do with the print i was using. Who would have thought that 1/2" would make a difference.

What has been your most profound discovery about your process? Please share.

Quilt on...

Dec 5, 2013

WIP - I Can't Stay Out Of The Sewing Room

I'm not supposed to be in the sewing room after last weeks effort to get the DWR Challenge Quilt done.... However one can't help ones self.  The week before last I purchased this bundle on sale at my LQS, thinking how wonderful it would look all pieced together for my little gal.
It's cut - all 102 squares ready to sew while she is not looking... It may just appear under the Christmas tree!

Linking up with Lee from Freshly Pieced for Work In Progress Wednesday. Thank you for hosting and letting us all tag along for an awesome viewing of everyone's work.

Happy quilting...