Jul 13, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Fun

Welcome to the New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild’s Double Wedding Ring Challenge and Blog hop.

I was very excited to be asked to be a part of this hop, as in my “want to be a quilter” days, I admired many a DWR quilt and thought that “one day” I just may make one. Victoria Findlay Wolfe contacted me just before the movers arrived to pack up my house in America, which gave me enough time to retrieve my templates and other necessaries from the sewing room. Since then I have had a month in “limbo” or as some put it “homeless”. This is why my progress on this project is not very far into the first ring. I have now moved back into my old house in sunny Queensland, Australia and have been here just long enough to get my sewing room sorted enough to start the piecing of the rings.

Double Wedding Ring Concept

When I think of weddings - I think of a fussy and frilly event, where someone traditionally says “We are gathered here today...”.

When I think of marriages – I think of the solid foundation 
needed for success.

I have combined these two thoughts and come up with the start of my Double Wedding Ring piece.  A solid red foundation or background and a gathered, fussy cut ring.

The gathered ring has been mounted onto a tear-away foundation before piecing. I’m a little unsure how successful that will be once I have all the seams joined and I need to pull it all out.

I have found Simplicity’s, Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring templates by Darlene Zimmerman easy to use and love that there is a Single Arc available to compliment the Traditional Double Wedding Ring Set. I have a set to give away to one lucky reader who leaves me a comment at the bottom of this post.  This is open to all, not just fellow Aussie readers.  Please tell me what item from your sewing room that you couldn’t live without? For me, it is my thread snips. I will choose a winner on the 18th of July.

Double Wedding Ring Challenge

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Sew along with us and enter your work at the end of the year. Believe me when I say that your entry could change your life! I entered the SLMQG and EZ Dresden Challenge last year – winning the challenge opened up loads of opportunities for me! Besides – we all love to sew!

Quilt on...

DWR Challenge

The NYC MOD quilters are excited to announce the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge!

We have partnered with EZ Quilting/Simplicity, Interweave and Juki to Use the Double wedding ring template/or pattern to create a project, then enter it to win amazing prizes from our sponsors!

Don’t be afraid of the Double wedding Ring! This is a challenge to learn a new skill, try new techniques and let your creative exploration shine through on this traditional pattern!

This is a challenge FOR EVERYONE, All quilters… of any style from Anywhere! This is an international challenge.

Please note : in each category, a quilt must be made of three layers and bound. To get your creative juices flowing, The Quilt Alliance (one of our generous Sponsors) has put together a PINTEREST page with examples of Double Wedding Ring quilts included in their Quilt Index. Feel Free to pin Double Wedding Ring quilts.


SMALL: ONE RING! Easy! size: under 20″ or smaller… This is a great way to play and learn your curves, and try your own version of making this fun design!

TRADITIONAL: 4 rings or larger…  Make the traditional double wedding pattern by using the template and your choice of fabrics…not straying to far from the traditional style. Four rings or larger for this category… must have three layers and bound.

MODERN:  4 rings or larger… ANYTHING GOES!  How can you interpret the double wedding ring, put a MODERN spin on a traditional design? Piece it, applique, fuse, whole cloth? Possibilities are ENDLESS!!!  No rules other then, it must have three layers and bound.

You don’t need to use Darlene’s Double Wedding Ring templates to enter, but we’d sure like it if you did! Any double Wedding ring template will work.

Come back here to link up your projects in their correct category. You can enter up to three times, one project in each category, any project you have started this year.

EZ Double Wedding ring challenge and single arc is available at www.simplicity.com or at your local store. You do not have to use this template to enter the contest.

Judges: Darlene Zimmerman ( EZ quilting), Vivika DeNegre (Interweave), Lisa Mason(president of NYC MOD), Victoria Findlay Wolfe(Quiltcon Winner, with Double Edged Love) Elisa Albury

We have some amazing sponsors who have donated FANTASTIC prizes! See below for the list of goodies!


Images must be uploaded by Dec 1st.

Upload your image by category here: (click each category)




Winners will be announced Dec 15th, 2013  **Winning quilts with need to be sent in by January 1st.

Winner categories:
1.       Grand Prize from any of the 3 categories
2.       One winner from Small
3.       One winner from Traditional
4.       One winner from Modern
5.       Judges Choice
Prizes include:
Grand Prize:
·         Photo of the Grand Prize project in EZ/Simplicity advertisement in Modern Patchwork Magazine,
Complete collection of EZ Templates by Darlene Zimmerman, Deluxe sidewinder and Deluxe Bias Tape and Quilt Binding Machine
·         Juki HZL Exceed F600 Sewing Machine
·         Featured in an article in Spring issue of Modern Patchwork 2014
·         15 Minutes of Play
·          FQ bundles of Robert Kaufman Kona cotton & Darlene Zimmerman collection
Additional prizes for all other categories will include:
o    EZ Quilting Templates and Notions
o     Special gift from Modern Patchwork
o    15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
o    One year Membership from The Quilt Alliance
o    Oliso Irons 3 small traditional and modern
o    Gutterman Thread (In-home Cabinet) 100 spools, 100 m, 100% cotton
o    $50 Gift Certificate to Canton Village Quilt Works
o    Gift Certificate from Fabric Depot online store
o    American Spirit by Fairfield queen-sized
o     FQ bundles of Robert Kaufman Kona cotton & Darlene Zimmerman collection
o    Fabric Bundles by New Castle Fabric
o    Fabric Bundles by Fabric Traditions
o    Darlene’s latest quilt
o    The Spray and Fix Sewing Adhesive Collection by ODIF USA traditional
o    A  FREE class at Craftsy.com
o   Joy of Quilting by Kathy Doughty, Material Obsession


July 8th
​NYC MOD​ Quilters
 July 9th
Emily Bailey
Shelly Pagliai -
July 10th
Amy Ellis
Faith Jones
July 11th
Amy Smart
July 12th
Dan Rouse
Elisa Albury
July 13
Jenny Cameron
July 14th
Jane Davidson
July 15th
Joanna Wilczynska
Jackie Kunkel-
July 16th
Kathy Doughty
 July 17th
Lisa Mason
Flaun Cline
 July 18
Pat Sloan
Jessica Alexandrakis
 July 19th
Jacquie Gering
Lee Heinrich
Monica Solorio-Snow
“Double Edged Love”  by: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Quilted by: Lisa Sipes
Best in Show, QuiltCon 2013

Edited - 18thJuly 2013 - Thank you to all who left messages for me. We do have a winner, Gill - I will contact you shortly.


  1. Jenny-there you are! I love that you are clear on the other side of the world where it's already the 13th - It's our bonus!

    Your block is incredible - love the colors. What an innovative idea, to gather the arc into the curve, and with that graphic print, WOW!

  2. I'd love to win the rulers! I've always wanted to make a DWR quilt. My favorite tool would have to be my rotary cutter.

  3. Oooh really interesting concept with the arc-gathering and whatnot! I'll be curious to see how it turns out ;) As for me, I couldn't live without my rotary cutter and large cutting space. (The mere thought of both is instantly making this challenge seem less daunting!)

  4. Love your DWR!!! What a great design idea!
    I couldn't live w/o a rotary cutter - and a seam ripper... Thanks!

  5. You are just brimming with ideas, aren't you? I love the gathered edge and how it bends the print around the curve. I'm glad you're getting settled again!

    There are certainly a lot of tools I couldn't live without, but I do have a certain affinity for rulers. Lots of rulers. Rotary cutting rulers, pattern drafting rulers, and now longarm rulers. I can't get enough!

  6. seam ripper (I use over and over and over again)

  7. I would love to win this template. I'm not sure what I couldn't live with out in my sewing room. I think my quilt books are what I couldn't live without. I love to re-read them and get ideas from them. I love your idea for the quilt theme.

  8. I couldn't live without my rotary cutter! I would love to win these to give this a try! Thanks.

  9. I couldn't live without rotary cutters and mats - they make everything so easy! Thanks for the template give away!

  10. I couldn't live without my seam ripper :)

  11. I love what you've done with your DWR. This is a wonderful challenge and the EZ rulers sound like just the thing I need to spur myself on. Thanks for the chance to win a set.

  12. Favorite tool, without a doubt, the rotary cutter. Couldn't do much without it. Would love to win the templates! Thanks

  13. My "secret weapon" that I would hate to live without -not to mention the productivity I would lose - is a cheater or self-threading needle. When I am free motion quilting, it is essential for burying the thread ends.
    But I love all of my tools. I don't want to live without ANY of them.

  14. The item in my sewing room I couldn't live without is my iron.

  15. I could not live without my scissors! I love your rings; cannot wait to see how it all works out.

  16. I couldn't do FMQing with out my clover cheat needles - the self threading top makes it so easy to hide the ends! Thank you for putting my name in the hat for this drawing!

  17. My most loved item in the sewing room is my 24x6 inch ruler followed by my seam roller! Fingers crossed I win the DWR templates, these seem to be great time savers!

  18. I couldn't do without my playlist . Music and sewing go hand in hand to make an awesome day.

  19. My favorite tool in my sewing room is my rotary cutter (and rulers). Such a time saver. Thanks for the giveaway; I've always wanted to make a DWR quilt.

  20. What tool in my sewing room I couldn't live without? Actually, it's my embroidery scissors. They double up as seam ripper, help me cutting smaller pieces and even help burying the quilting thread knots when they don't want to "pop".

  21. Favourite is my rotary cutter - I can't remember how we managed before them!

  22. I could not live without my rotary cutter and mat and 6" x 24" ruler! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I could not quilt without my rotary cutting supplies and of course my seam ripper. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. My seam ripper is the main one, but my new favorite can't live without is my Hera marker, it works so well!!!

  25. I couldn't live without my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and acrylic ruler!

  26. I would love to try out this template for the challenge

  27. Wow! I moved just a few miles and it was a major deal, I can't imagine moving to the other side of the world, hehe. I'm glad you're getting settled. One of my favoritethi gs is my 2 1/2" X 6 1/2" ruler. It's great for my handpiecing when I need to measure more than one inch and the ruler is still small enough to fit in my project bag. I really would like to try the DWR block and learn something new.

    Thank you for a super giveway and a chance to win.


  28. Hey you stole my idea, lol just kidding, would love to win the templates, I need my rotary cutter, horrible cutter with out it.

  29. Wow, your fabric choices are so striking! Love it. I think my "can't live without tool" is a pair of tweezers that I use to pull up bobbin thread to the top of my quilts and used to hold small pieces of fabric going through the machine.

  30. I wouldn't want to be without my design wall. I love the colors you used.

  31. unfortunately, I couldn't be without my seam ripper, it's the most used tool in the house!

  32. Can't live without my design wall. Don't know how I ever did without it!

  33. I could not function without my design wall. It's not fancy, just flannel stapled right to the sheetrock, but essential.

    So excited about this challenge: DWR has been in a top spot on my bucket list for a long time (and yet, never attempted until now!). Thanks for the chance to win a set of templates!

  34. I couldn't function without a sewing machine in my house. I don't need a fancy one a straight stitch will do. I really like the fabric pattern you chose.

  35. I have been checking out a few of your stories and i can state pretty good stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog mens ring