Feb 15, 2013

A love story

For a long time (since I was about 16) I have wanted to make a quilt like this......

Since I have a husband that doesn't want to sleep under flowers - I can't make it for our bed. Luckily for me I have a little girl who loves flowers.

So I've been collecting suitable florals for a year now - this is harder than you may think - the modern trend is not this kind of print and not too many of the shabby fabrics are either.

The inspiration for this quilt comes from a garden that I once knew and loved - it breaks my heart that it no longer exists. So much love, sweat and tears went into creating an inspiring oasis in the harsh outback of Australia. It was my In-laws garden, tended daily by the Grandmother that my little ones will never know. My Dear Man used to pick tiny bouquets of miniature pink roses and little white daises from this garden. It has a special place in my heart.

However - I've come to the conclusion that baby hand pieced hexagons are not in the picture. I'm not much interested in hand sewing even though that is how I prefer to finish my quilt bindings.

I adore these quilts and this quilt and I think that The Endless Chain design will give a good representation of the garden it is to honor. There will be 90 blocks - I have selected approximately 35 fabrics that I'm trialling. Some of which will only be used once. Each block will feature one print and kona snow. I'm yet to decide on fabric for the centres - I'm leaning towards a mid pink.

This is where I'm at... And I'm in love!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the story behind it as well. I'm sure your little girl will love it!

  2. It's very sad that that the garden has gone after all the love and work that was put into it. But I also think it's wonderful that you are making this beautiful quilt for your daughter and as a sort of memory:)

  3. Thanks for the endless chain shout out! I love how soft and pretty yours is. It will be lovely for a little girl.