Jan 25, 2013


Oops - I'm half way through basting my quilt and I find a hole!

I work in the most appalling light - the room I use is painted dark blue and can you believe - there are no lights in the ceiling! Because we are here temporarily, I figured that there was no point in buying too many lights as they would all need adapters when we move back to Australia. Then two nights ago one of my two lights blew! And so... Only later do I find the hole!

I know it is hard to see - there in the middle of the photo! If I wasn't a perfectionist - this wouldn't worry me!

It's time for my trusty snips to work their magic! Oh how I love these Premax Snips - I purchased them when I fist left school and they travel with me everywhere. I don't own a quick-unpick or as the Americans say "seam ripper". I wouldn't trust myself with one!

I have to attribute some the longevity of these to the wonderful maintenance that my Dear Man does on these as requested. He sharpens and oils them occasionally. A true gem.

Fingers crossed that I can replace that holy piece and get the backing, batting and top flat again!

Wish me luck! I think I may relocate my machine tonight, to the best light in the house - the dining room table!


  1. When I first started quilting I had a table in the front room and use to open the windows and let the light in. I am now in the basement (banished by the kids they wanted to watch tv again) I bought 2 lights that are bright and they are wonderful. But the sunlight is better.