Jan 9, 2013

Encouraged to Felt

In the car yesterday morning after dropping the boy at school the littlest member of the house asked "What are we going to do today? Make my hat?" She has been wanting her own felted beanie for a month now and since the crazy busyness of Christmas is now past I agreed that would be a great way to spend the day!

We chose colours from my dwindling stash - Pink, Cream and Blue and added some Blue Silk to the pile.

The design had to incorporate some way of keeping her cheeks warm! Last week it was in the negatives Fahrenheit (-20 deg C) and the poor little possum had very chilly cheeks!

I set to work - calulating her head size and shringage amounts. Made a paper pattern and then cut it out of cardboard (resist) - taped the edges of the resist and set to work layering the merino wool roving.

Note to self (Never sneeze, cough or blow onto wool at this stage)

Once partially felted I cut oper the lower edge of the wool to make an opening for the head, then continue felting paying attention to the area where I have folded over the resist and the inside.  Then it is onto fulling. All with lots of help from my littlest Darling.


I then blow up a balloon to resemble small child's head size, shape and dry overnigh on an air vent.

It is not quite finished as she made some little felted embellishments to add to this.

After school pickup - the boy asked if I could make one for him too! "Yes Darling!" and I put aside the wool I had out for my next hat and started the boy's ... Shall post about them soon.....

I spent Saturday with fellow members of The Salt Lake Modern Quilting Guild for our Sewing Saturday - Lots of laughter and a little distraction - but I achieved a little on my Madrona Road Challenge piece, shared some knowledge with others and learnt a little myself.

Happy Days...

What did you learn this week?

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