Jan 9, 2013

Colour Palette Playing

Tonight I was reading the Stitched In Color blog and saw the Fat Quarter Shop's Fabric Mosaic Contest. I have never played around with mosaic makers before and decided that it may be fun. I struggled for a while to get the photos off the Fabric site and onto the mosaic. But once I worked it out - I dragging bolts (fabric swatches/images) around the web and came up with these two ideas.

The fabrics in the first palette are all organic. My take on "Green" since I'm not a fan of the colour green.
Green - As in "Green/Organic/Sustainable"

The second colour way is my favourite - it is actually very similar to the palette of my house in Australia, inside and out! Most of which I didn't choose. The funny thing is that I never wear Green or Mustard and rarely White! 
Poppy Fields

How can one analyse the colours one likes? Do you have colours that you love to wear but would never quilt or decorate with?

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  1. Hi! I love your mosaics!Both have so beautiful colours and fabrics! I'm happy you wrote a post with your mosaics! x Teje