Jan 25, 2013


Oops - I'm half way through basting my quilt and I find a hole!

I work in the most appalling light - the room I use is painted dark blue and can you believe - there are no lights in the ceiling! Because we are here temporarily, I figured that there was no point in buying too many lights as they would all need adapters when we move back to Australia. Then two nights ago one of my two lights blew! And so... Only later do I find the hole!

I know it is hard to see - there in the middle of the photo! If I wasn't a perfectionist - this wouldn't worry me!

It's time for my trusty snips to work their magic! Oh how I love these Premax Snips - I purchased them when I fist left school and they travel with me everywhere. I don't own a quick-unpick or as the Americans say "seam ripper". I wouldn't trust myself with one!

I have to attribute some the longevity of these to the wonderful maintenance that my Dear Man does on these as requested. He sharpens and oils them occasionally. A true gem.

Fingers crossed that I can replace that holy piece and get the backing, batting and top flat again!

Wish me luck! I think I may relocate my machine tonight, to the best light in the house - the dining room table!

Jan 24, 2013

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

Linking up for WIP Wednesday with Lee from Freshly Pieced

Over the last few days I have really enjoyed being in my messy sewing space creating this with my EZ Dresden Wedge Ruler...

I'm calling it "When Life Throws You a Curve Ball"

It is for a very special friend that I have, here in America. I will miss her terribly when we return to Australia later this year.

I have some lovely Hobbs Heirloom Wool Batting and beautiful variegated  Aurifil Thread that I plan on using for the quilting - just can't decide on how to quilt it. Wriggly lines or do I try and shadow quilt the wedges (and if so what for the edges)?

My Madrona Road piece is now ready for me to finish the binding.

I need to put a sleeve on my Dear Stella Quilt and make a bag for it before sending it off for Quiltcon.

Yesterday I received an email from Simplicity - requesting my EZ Dresden Challenge Quilt to exhibit in their booth at Quiltcon. This is very exciting for me.

Busy - Busy

Quilt on...

Jan 17, 2013

Madrona Road - WIP - FLY OUT

Work in progress this week - well today is the first day in a week that I have felt well enough to do anything that is unnecessary! Sewing - Unnecessary? Depends on who you talk to - but when you are hit with the flu - well perhaps. Sleep has been my priority recently.

Looking through The Modern Quilt Guild Blog today I discovered that the Madrona Road Challenge deadline is the end of January - even though our guild website says end of March. I thought I had better get back into the sewing room.

I started this a few weeks ago - challenging myself to curved flying geese as I also wanted to try and use bias strips, pieced on a curve, rather than cut each curve individually. One of the reasons for this was limited fabric. Both worked I think...

Close up of fussy cut geese

Almost all of the piece - quilted - not yet bound

The concept behind the design for this piece is "know where you have come from, travel and find yourself". I think I will title this "Fly Out".

Not sure if I need to do any more quilting on this? I think it is busy enough! Your thoughts please?

Linking up with Lee from Freshly Pieced - thank you Lee for hosting.

Jan 9, 2013

Colour Palette Playing

Tonight I was reading the Stitched In Color blog and saw the Fat Quarter Shop's Fabric Mosaic Contest. I have never played around with mosaic makers before and decided that it may be fun. I struggled for a while to get the photos off the Fabric site and onto the mosaic. But once I worked it out - I dragging bolts (fabric swatches/images) around the web and came up with these two ideas.

The fabrics in the first palette are all organic. My take on "Green" since I'm not a fan of the colour green.
Green - As in "Green/Organic/Sustainable"

The second colour way is my favourite - it is actually very similar to the palette of my house in Australia, inside and out! Most of which I didn't choose. The funny thing is that I never wear Green or Mustard and rarely White! 
Poppy Fields

How can one analyse the colours one likes? Do you have colours that you love to wear but would never quilt or decorate with?

Encouraged to Felt

In the car yesterday morning after dropping the boy at school the littlest member of the house asked "What are we going to do today? Make my hat?" She has been wanting her own felted beanie for a month now and since the crazy busyness of Christmas is now past I agreed that would be a great way to spend the day!

We chose colours from my dwindling stash - Pink, Cream and Blue and added some Blue Silk to the pile.

The design had to incorporate some way of keeping her cheeks warm! Last week it was in the negatives Fahrenheit (-20 deg C) and the poor little possum had very chilly cheeks!

I set to work - calulating her head size and shringage amounts. Made a paper pattern and then cut it out of cardboard (resist) - taped the edges of the resist and set to work layering the merino wool roving.

Note to self (Never sneeze, cough or blow onto wool at this stage)

Once partially felted I cut oper the lower edge of the wool to make an opening for the head, then continue felting paying attention to the area where I have folded over the resist and the inside.  Then it is onto fulling. All with lots of help from my littlest Darling.


I then blow up a balloon to resemble small child's head size, shape and dry overnigh on an air vent.

It is not quite finished as she made some little felted embellishments to add to this.

After school pickup - the boy asked if I could make one for him too! "Yes Darling!" and I put aside the wool I had out for my next hat and started the boy's ... Shall post about them soon.....

I spent Saturday with fellow members of The Salt Lake Modern Quilting Guild for our Sewing Saturday - Lots of laughter and a little distraction - but I achieved a little on my Madrona Road Challenge piece, shared some knowledge with others and learnt a little myself.

Happy Days...

What did you learn this week?

Jan 3, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

Wow - What a year - It has been great! Lots of sewing and not much felting. I'm ok with that!

I really started quilting in 2012 - in that time I have had my winning Dresden Challenge Quilt published in an advertisement for Simplicity and it was displayed in the Simplicity booth at Fall Quilt Market. That was fairly exciting for me. This quilt is also in the HMQS Catalogue! My guess is that you may see it hanging in the HMQS in Salt Lake City in May too, as the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild is having their own special exhibit!

Recently I received two emails from Quiltcon. One to say that they had accepted my Dear Stella Challenge Quilt. I did another little dance! What an honor and I'm so pleased that I happened to reread the entry form a few days prior to the entry deadline (I realised that I had the Dear Stella fabric in my stash, so why not make a quilt in 2 and a half days?).  The second was to say that they didn't want my Ez Dresden Challenge Quilt. There is some amazing competition out there! The best of luck to all who have entered their quilts!

The last project for the year was a gift for a Dear Friend. Does the fabric look familiar?

When I started quilting this with my walking foot - it started to jam! No time for this - so I pulled it off and gave it a good oil - in several places and put it back on the machine - try again - great for 10 mins! Off again - more oil - success! There is nothing quite like the pressure of sewing a gift on Christmas Eve!

Post quilting - I struggled with the straps - my needle didn't want to go through 9 layers of fabric! As a result I have to ask for my gift back so I can fix it! I guess I can call it WIP still ! I need a jeans needle and my machine serviced! A fresh start for 2013.

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