Dec 14, 2012

Phoenix Quilts

I was just checking out The Quilting Mill Blog and saw Barbie's link to Phoenix Quilts. This reminded me that I have not yet shared the quilt I made to donate earlier this year. Barbie did a great job helping to get fabric to our guild members and then organized the delivery for us. Thank you Barbie.

Riley Blake generously donated the spot and stripe fabric - I found something in my stash to compliment them and then played on my makeshift design wall.

My son saw it on the wall and declared "It is the ugliest quilt ever" - Thanks Kid!

I is not quite what I would usually do but one has to be resourceful sometimes and step outside ones comfort zone occasionally.

A close up of the back.

And further away, of the back.

These wavy lines have become my "go to" quilting design. I quite like it and they are easy to do.

I know too many people who have lost their homes to fires...

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