Nov 26, 2012

Old is NEW - Again

I went to the "Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum" in Golden, Colorado on Friday and came across this amazing pillow. It was approx 12" square.

The note next to the photo read:
Tobacco Silk Pillow
ca. 1880-1890
collection of Patty and Allen Brown

And so over one hundred years on.... text in quilting is "TRENDY"

Guessing this didn't come from a "Smoke free home"!

I worked on this fairy placemat while I was away. Nearly finished the quilting on the second of four. Needing some encouragement to finish them so that L. can use them with her little flower fairies tea set.

 Quilt on...

1 comment:

  1. Haha--"smoke free home..." That is quite funny.

    Your hand quilting is beautiful! Your little girl will just love her tea set.