Nov 28, 2012

Felting - The Basic Process

My Profile mentions that I felt - that is Wet Felting. This possibly means nothing to most people. So I shall try to explain...

I start with wool roving or top. For more information on this process see The Woolmark Company.

And make lots of layers of the little wispy bits of wool. The photo below will become a purse. I have a cardboard resist in between the layers of wool to create a pocket.

Then I wet the wool down with a warm soapy water solution. Use lots of agitation to mat the layers of wool together.
Shrink and dry article.
Embellish as desired.
I started felting about this time last year. Felting Lessons was a wonderful learning resource and I read lots of books. I have learnt lots along the way. But the most important thing that I can pass on is - Buy only super fine micron wool if you plan to wear it against your skin.  An itchy head is not worth the effort that you put into making a hat! Experience tells me that! The hat below was my first ever felting attempt that wasn't on a bar of soap. It is made of a course wool fiber and I had to line it with silk to be able to stand it on my head for longer than ten minutes.
I grew up on a farm - we had Merino Sheep, they are renowned for their super fine micron wool. The love of wool is in my blood. I wear it, I felt it (Outbackfibers) and I sleep under it and over it (Mini Jumbuk  & Jason).
I plan (in the near future) on doing a post with some photos of my finished works so far - stay tuned.

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