Nov 29, 2012

Pencil Pouch

Today my little boy is home sick - poor little kid.
I collected him yesterday from school when he was transitioning between classes. This means he had his pencils with him and gives me an opportunity to make him a case. Beacuse this doesn't cut it anymore...
Out with the old - in with the new...

I love the Dead End Tab where the zip stops.

Nov 28, 2012

Felting - The Basic Process

My Profile mentions that I felt - that is Wet Felting. This possibly means nothing to most people. So I shall try to explain...

I start with wool roving or top. For more information on this process see The Woolmark Company.

And make lots of layers of the little wispy bits of wool. The photo below will become a purse. I have a cardboard resist in between the layers of wool to create a pocket.

Then I wet the wool down with a warm soapy water solution. Use lots of agitation to mat the layers of wool together.
Shrink and dry article.
Embellish as desired.
I started felting about this time last year. Felting Lessons was a wonderful learning resource and I read lots of books. I have learnt lots along the way. But the most important thing that I can pass on is - Buy only super fine micron wool if you plan to wear it against your skin.  An itchy head is not worth the effort that you put into making a hat! Experience tells me that! The hat below was my first ever felting attempt that wasn't on a bar of soap. It is made of a course wool fiber and I had to line it with silk to be able to stand it on my head for longer than ten minutes.
I grew up on a farm - we had Merino Sheep, they are renowned for their super fine micron wool. The love of wool is in my blood. I wear it, I felt it (Outbackfibers) and I sleep under it and over it (Mini Jumbuk  & Jason).
I plan (in the near future) on doing a post with some photos of my finished works so far - stay tuned.

A Frog to Tea?

Anyone want a Frog to Tea?

I have an image of my little gal (2 at the time) in her Green Frog Print Onesie, with her Pink Tulle Tu-Tu and her Tiara!  I think of it as the result of "When the Princess kissed the Toad".

With this for inspiration for my photo shoot... I added L's Fairy Tea Set

Well perhaps... no frog - but Tea for Two!

I need to quilt these place mats - but I'm not yet sure how! I have a lovely green embroidery thread to use...

And for the Back...
I cheated for the stitching on of the centre disk for the back - I used a hem stitch on my machine rather than doing it by hand.

I started these months ago, when I first got my Dresden Template. It's time to finish them...

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How do you sew? Away from yourself or toward yourself?

I think that I was taught to sew towards myeslf but...

I sew away from myself ! Why I dont know.

So ... How do you Sew?

Nov 27, 2012

Berry Kona Solids Pillow

Ahhgh! The deadline is tonight.... cut stitch etc... with only several hours to go before the closing of the Fall For Solids Competition.

I was lucky to receive a 5" charm pack of Kona Solids in Berry at Sewing Summit Mixer.

Hmmm. What to do with it.... The Charm Pack spent time in my car, in the Laundry, in my Purse, in the sewing room and in the kitchen...

Colleen is a member of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild and she showed us how to create the fancy little star and inset circles.  So I gave it a go...

I only had the star pieced and at 6.30pm tonight I realised that if I was going to enter I had to get a wriggle on!

And so this is my finished product.... just in time!

It has a turquoise invisible zipper, (not completely invisible) as my Bernina zipper foot doesn't get as close as my Phaff zipper foot and the Phaff is in Australia, not America.

I don't think that the colours are correctly portrayed by these photos. I had better get some daytime shots.

Going to rest my head now....

Sleep Sweet!


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Nov 26, 2012

Old is NEW - Again

I went to the "Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum" in Golden, Colorado on Friday and came across this amazing pillow. It was approx 12" square.

The note next to the photo read:
Tobacco Silk Pillow
ca. 1880-1890
collection of Patty and Allen Brown

And so over one hundred years on.... text in quilting is "TRENDY"

Guessing this didn't come from a "Smoke free home"!

I worked on this fairy placemat while I was away. Nearly finished the quilting on the second of four. Needing some encouragement to finish them so that L. can use them with her little flower fairies tea set.

 Quilt on...

Nov 8, 2012

My Quilt At Fall Market!

I did a little dance when I saw this post by Kati, From The Blue Chair and this post by Vivika Hansen DeNegre of Quilting Daily.
That is my EZ Dresden Quilt Challenge Quilt - the Grand Prize Winner!

My prizes arrived in the mail last week - very excited about this bunch of goodies - along with the Singer Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine which was also a part of the first prize. A huge thank you to the sponsors of the EZ Dresden Challenge.
The lovely Traditional Dresden quilt in the centre of the photo is made by Darlene Zimmerman.

Don't I feel lucky!

Check out the other entrants, if you haven't already - there are some awesome quilts in the different categories.

W.I.P. Jewelry Roll

I have wanted to make myself a jewelry roll for a very long time. Finally it is almost finished.

Just the binding to finish!

I went to SLMQG Sewing Saturday over the weekend and had fun playing with my scraps from my last quilt, pictured in the middle. Thank you Kati, From The Blue Chair for this photo taken at Fall Market.

 I came up with this...

Inspired by my recent fishing trips and the divine water in the alpine lakes here in Utah.
I wanted movement, texture and colour.
This is a closer view of the front. I used mainly folded strips of fabric and inserted other wedges of fabric.
The quilting was done with my walking foot in a random zig-zag.
The inside has clear plastic pockets for all my goodies! I can't wait to get all of my pieces sorted into this so I can use it and find the bits I want to wear.
I am linking up with Freshly Pieced - W.I.P. Wednesday - thank you Lee for hosting.

Nov 1, 2012


It's Halloween today! These two....
Master Lego Man and Little Miss Strawberry, needed something to carry their loot....

And since I can and had the materials on hand....
Loads of fun this morning, refreshing free motion quilting skills and a little applique.

"Where is the Spider?" You ask.

"I put it down your shirt!"

Have a Happy Halloween!