Dec 20, 2012

WIP and Some Finishes

Scurry - only a few days left!

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Dreaming in Patchwork

Working on these two for the Teachers involved with the French Immersion Program! What a fantastic job they do!

Work has stalled on this... I had hoped that this would be finished for Christmas but - not enough thread to finish and no chance to get some before then. I'm not sure that I am in love with the quilting.

Finished these too Jewelry Rolls for dear friends we now call our US Family...

Finished some Aussie Christmas Bunting... that is real Holly above the bunting. My Dear Man spied it at Trader Joe's. I have never had or seen the real deal! Being from Australia it has always been fake!

Love these Koalas!

I may not get back here before Christmas - have a wonderful time with family and friends. Stay safe.... Merry Christmas!

Dec 15, 2012

In Print and Inspiration

Seaking inspiration while I have a little kid free time I hit the book store 2 weeks ago! I came home with 3 lovely items...

Then today while the littlest was sleeping I opened the Quilting Arts Magazine (My all time favourite quilting publication) and I found this...

How EXCITING! Page 4 if you have the magazine! If you missed it - there is more information about this quilt in my post My Quilt At Fall Market and the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild Site.

Do you have a favourite quilting Book or Magazine? Please share with me the details.

Dec 14, 2012

Phoenix Quilts

I was just checking out The Quilting Mill Blog and saw Barbie's link to Phoenix Quilts. This reminded me that I have not yet shared the quilt I made to donate earlier this year. Barbie did a great job helping to get fabric to our guild members and then organized the delivery for us. Thank you Barbie.

Riley Blake generously donated the spot and stripe fabric - I found something in my stash to compliment them and then played on my makeshift design wall.

My son saw it on the wall and declared "It is the ugliest quilt ever" - Thanks Kid!

I is not quite what I would usually do but one has to be resourceful sometimes and step outside ones comfort zone occasionally.

A close up of the back.

And further away, of the back.

These wavy lines have become my "go to" quilting design. I quite like it and they are easy to do.

I know too many people who have lost their homes to fires...

Santas helpers need to consult Santa

3 weeks ago my "Santa's Helper" visited the Bass Pro shop, without Santa! He sent Santa a text "Got a couple of things for the kids, guessing I might get in trouble"
Santa responded "Pink camo and or a remote controlled something - how are my guesses?"
Santa's Helper replies "First one!"

Oh dear! Or should that be "Oh DEER"

Is Santa into Pink Camo? NO! Is Santa into Fleece? No!

So Santa got to thinking - What about Child 1 (boy) - He is not going to be impressed if Child 2 gets CAMO and he doesn't - Santa sleds to Joann's to find hideous camo fleece to make matching blanket! Santa, Santa, Santa!

So Santa pulls out pink camo to see how it is finished - Help - Santa is not doing a large blanket stitch around green camo - What does Santa's machine do? A small blanket stitch!

That is what Santa is working on today!

HO, HO, HO!!!

May my Deer stay safe!

No PHOTOS - You don't need to see!

Dec 13, 2012

WIP Christmas and Felting

Today I'm working on a Christmas Table Runner. I need to dream up a quilting design for this...

I'm thinking perhaps bells on the trees, or some streamers in red - I have some Red 50wt Aurifil that may look lovely or maybe ball balls? Any suggestions?


 I've also have a felted purse in progress - it is waiting for some leather straps. My Dear Man does beautiful leather work and I'm hoping that there may be time this week to get started on the straps.

For this purse I wanted to try some carving. I layer different colours of wool...

Then carve or snip into the layers once they are partially felted... (sorry photo taken on I phone is not the best)

End up with this...

A close up of the carved piece... I think I need to carve wider as the wool shrinks a significant amount in the felting process. I feel that I loose too much of the detail.

And a pocket inside is a must...

To see more of my felted creations see this gallery post.

All family members have been working on....

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced - thanks Lee for hosting.

Felting Gallery

I promised to post some photos of my first year wet felting, that I haven't previously posted.

I have had a lot of fun making and experimenting with the following...

I attempted a 3D Flower for this purse.

Swirls for this Hot Item

Carving into lots of layers for this purse.

Added Silk Throwster's Waste to this fluted Scarf.

Nano Felt (Felting onto Silk fabric)

I don't like beanies - I like this as an alternative.

A scarf to match!

My friend Lori sporting her Christmas gift.

Some tiny little felt beads, made into earrings.

Dec 12, 2012

OS Christmas Gifts Made and Posted!

I'm a happy camper today - I finished my last gift that needs to go to Australia and I posted all 5 parcles.

There are some little people getting some of these...

My Mum is getting this jewlery roll...

Sister's and SIL's are getting these jewlery rolls...
I used my Aurifil Wool thread to quilt the Jewelry Roll above.
I love the shadows from my pins in this photo.
That it 24 of my 30 odd zips used...
My Dear Pen Pal is getting this... Linking up with Tuesday At The Table with this Christmas mat...
These are my first ever quilted pillows, I made them 2 years ago... They got pulled out of the cupboard since it's snowing outside...
Now - sewing for my local family and friends...

Dec 7, 2012

Wedding Quilt

Last year my Father In Law remarried. I made the happy couple a new quilt. My first ever Quilt.
I scoured my LQS for fabrics - approximately 30 different fabrics.

While I was in one of these shops - I mentioned that I was going to make a large quilt in 3 weeks and that it was my first quilt. The lady serving me, I'm sure thought I was nuts and that I wouldn't be able to do it in 3 weeks. I did, with baby sitting help from my Mum!

I used a Kaffe Fassett quilt as inspiration (I can't find a photo of it now), from one of his books.

I added a red folded piping to the edge of the quilt before adding the boarder.

I had my Mum's 1984 Elna machine at the time and there was no way I was going to machine quilt this (I think that it is about 109" square) so I tied it.

My dear friend Vanessa Crisp (calligrapher extraordinaire) kindly made a label for me. 

Dec 5, 2012

Zipping MAD

In the last 2 days I have bought 33 zippers!!!!!!!!!!! I would have bought more if the zips by the yard were white and not cream!

Am I Zipping Mad?

No need to answer that question....

Christmas gift projects are still my focus.

I found this cool Tutorial yesterday. So I made some - not all finished yet. Some hand sewing still to do.

Aren't they the cutest little things.

The tutorial said to hand sew the ribbons to the zippers - Declaration - I don't hand sew anything I don't need too. The only parts I did by hand on the pink one was the ends of the pouch - you can see that I haven't yet done the had sewing on the other two pictured.

And so I will sew on....

Dec 4, 2012

On The Christmas Gift Hop!

I'm hopping to get my Christmas gifts made.

This morning I used  my 5" Berry Kona Solids Charm Pack and this pouch tutorial to create these little wonders.

I made the first one, just to test it out and then 3 in an hour by chaining them together. My daughter came upstairs to see how I was progressing - she decided she needed one too.

They were enjoyable to make... Linking up with Happy Little Pouch Hop Flicker Group.