May 18, 2015

Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival - Butterfly Soar - Fiberlosophy

Welcome to those who are visiting from Bloggers Quilt Festival - Spring is not yet here in the Southern Hemisphere but Butterflys still Soar! 

I am entering this modern interpretation of a log cabin into the Modern section of Amy's Creative Side - Spring 2015 Bloggers Quilt Festival. Thank you Amy - once again a very inspiring festival. 

My dear friend had a big birthday last year and it needed to be celebrated with a quilt! Butterflies, Ladybirds and Calligraphy are 3 of her favourite things and I incorporated all three in this wonky improvised log cabin quilt! 

I started with 5 wonky butterflies and my design developed from there. 

When my friend told me at the start of the year that she had breast cancer, I needed to get my skids on and finish it! 

I found joining the blocks together to be a rewarding challenge. When blocks aren't  square you need to take a different approach. 

I wanted to suggests a sense of movement with my wavy quilting - the air would move when a butterfly flaps her wings! It is my "go to" quilting design as it is easily achieved in my 6 1/2" arm on my machine. Tiny I know! 

I'm delighted how it has come together... Perhaps my all time favourite quilt and now it warms my friend while she undergoes her chemo treatment.

May her wings soar! 


Detail of feature butterfly.

Detail of front wonky log cabins.

Front and back.

A little ladybird for the back.

Thank you for visiting and make sure you check out what other amazing quilters are creating! Happy quilting! 

Changing Direction - Mini for Bloggers Quilt Festival - Fiberlosophy

Welcome to my blog - especially those visiting from Amy's Creative Side for 2015 Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival. This is my Mini Quilt entry for the Festival. 

Anyone who knows my work will see that this is a little different to my usual style. That doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed this little project. Far from it. My approach was different and so too was the result. I made this mini for a recent quilt swap and so was inspired by someone else's likes!  I pulled some recently purchased fabrics from different fabric ranges - I then rummaged through my scraps and added the pops of orange. With no set plan I started making 3 different sized Half Square Triangles and went to my design wall and played. 

It soon became apparent that I needed to add white for balance and definition. The result is this 16" square mini I'm calling "Changing Directions".

A huge thank you once again to Amy from Amy's Creative Side for letting me link into hosting The Blogger's Quilt Festival. Take a look around! Amazing work as usual - so very inspiring. 

Happy Quilting! 

Apr 29, 2015

Butterfly Soar

I can now reveal my butterfly quilt as it has been gifted to my dear Friend. She had a big birthday last year and it needed to be celebrated with a quilt! Butterflies, Ladybirds and Calligraphy are 3 of her favourite things and I incorporated all three in this wonky improvised log cabin quilt! 

I started with 5 wonky butterflies and the design developed from there. I'm delighted how it has come together... Perhaps my all time favourite quilt!


Detail of feature butterfly.

Detail of front wonky log cabins.

Front and back.

A little ladybird for the back.

Happy quilting! 

Apr 20, 2015

Scap Weekender Bag

The Brisbane MQG are planning on having a Amy Butler Weekender Bag Sewalong and I'm one of the three that have volunteered to help mentor others through the construction process.

I've not made a weekender before! I wondered what all the fuss was!? 
Now that I'm part way through - I can see why it is a challenge for some. 

I don't usually buy patterns because my previous day job was a pattern maker. It took me a few days to read and re-read the instructions. And get my head around how someone else may make the bag. 

I then looked at the yardage required to make!  Wow! Lots of fabric - when you live in Aus - Expensive! So I turned to my stash! What can I make out of what I have on hand?! Hmmm?! I lots of lovely bright scraps. (Secret - I bought some scrap bags on Instagram someone was destashing. A great way to increase a stash without completely blowing the budget).

Who will use the bag...? My little gal loves brights! I also know she loves Summerset Stars! I made her a purse for Christmas with one as a feature. She adores it. 

I started cutting my stash into 3" squares. Fold press, fold press, fold press..... Repeat 180 times! Yikes what am I doing?! Sew... Sew... Sew!

Worth it? Right?! Well I think so and most importantly little miss does too. "Mummy!? Oh I like this! They are all my favourite colours! Who is it for?" 
I didn't tell her!!!! But delighted with her reaction! 

Yesterday was our Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild sew day. I made some good progress on the bag and chatted to others about the construction process. 

One side panel

Other side panel (disclosure - I'm not doing to main panel pockets - so my bag will look a little different to some others you may have seen)

Zipper panel

And today... We have dimension! 

I'm only part way through this step and am finding that there is a lot of ease in the zipper panel. My bag is so stiff I don't think I can ease just over 2" in without tucks, so am back tracking for a bit and making the zipper panel and base shorter by 2". 

Linking up with Mrs Sew and Sow and She Can Quilt for their Scraptastic Tuesday! 

Go and check out all the other fantastic Scraptastic projects! 

Happy Quilting...

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May 23, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Eternity

Hi - I am delighted to share my quilt with you as a part of The Blogger's Quilt Festival, being hosted by Amy's Creative Side. I have previously posted this quilt and so it may not be new to you. 

Eternity - My Modern entry for NYC Metro Mod Quilters Double Wedding Ring Challenge. Once I started playing around with the EZ Quilting Double Wedding Ring Single Arc Template - I came up with many different ways of using it. So many options, decisions, decisions! I wanted to create dimension and texture. I thought "What if I cut a straight piece of fabric and gather one side of it?" More on that in this previous post. I loved the circular shape created by joining 4 single arcs together. I interlocked these to create a chain and echoed this chain in the quilting. I appliquéd the rings and concealed the raw edges with elastic. Not a very traditional quilting fabric I know, 6mm bias binding was not available to me at the time and elastic was the next best option! This quilt measures 42 1/2" x 55".

The story behind the design and the quilt's title - In 2013, we celebrated ten years of marriage and the joining (linking) of families who have known each other for 50 years or more. Our Maternal Grand Parents were good friends who painted, vacationed and gardened together. My husband and his family visited me in hospital when I was just 4 pounds something. Needless to say he wasn't very interested in his future bride at the time. I have wanted to make a quilt representing our union and love - this is it and I am in love!

A huge thank you to all who organized and sponsored this DWR challenge and also to those who have entered their amazing quilts. 

You can read more about my thoughts on this quilt in this post.  Things I discovered while making this quilt.

Please enjoy all the fabulous quilts featured in this Spring's Blogger's Festival. Thank you Amy for hosting once again.

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Gathered Here Today

A warm welcome to those who are visiting from Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival
I am delighted to share with you my single ring entry "Gathered Here Today" for the NYC Metro Mod Quilters Double Wedding Ring ChallengeI have previously posted this quilt and so it may not be new to you. 

I have gathered one side of the arcs to create the curved stripes. If you wish to read more about the process of making this gathered ring - see here.

Thank you for visiting and please check out all of the other amazing quilts in the festival.

Dec 13, 2013

Things I've Discovered

While working on my last Quilt I discovered lots of different things about my process of designing and making (in no set order). I have now had a little time to reflect on some of them and am sharing with you so you may learn from my mistakes.

I always buy fabric for a project and rarely use just from my stash. I need to purchase more of the fabric that I love as I tend to use more of it in a project than I anticipate. Why? Because when I design I change my mind several times along the way.

The first quilting design may not always be the best option. Tearing it out does take less time if you pull the bobbin tread.
 Ugly Stitching!
Much better!

Try new things. I have never been a huge fan of appliqué - however there are many different finishes for appliqué. I could not see an easy way to piece my last design quickly and with a challenge deadline looming I oppted to look at alternatives, namely appliqué. I tried many different finishes before I settled for using 6mm elastic to conceal my edges, essentially creating a stained glass window effect.

Never leave heavy tear away stabilizer in a quilt - it will feel crunchy and not snugly.

Challenge yourself. This could lead to new and exciting things.

Heat and starch can set some washable pens - always test! Yikes! I love how fine the Sewline Styla Pen is.

When using the walking foot - my machine prefers two layers of batting. The walking foot is my friend. I love free motion quilting but not when I have to wrangle a heavy quilt though my small throat space. I can only dream of owning a longarm.

When pin basting - pin on the floor then move to a more comfortable position to close all of those pins! What a difference to your back and knees.

Mimic design shapes through the quilting. Creating unity.

Sometimes less is more! I tested different options for quilting. It is worth the extra effort.

Proportion and scale are important! While using my design wall over the last few months I got used to looking at the single arc of the DWR with the seam allowances. The proportion of the design was lost as soon as I took those allowances away. I think it had a lot to do with the print i was using. Who would have thought that 1/2" would make a difference.

What has been your most profound discovery about your process? Please share.

Quilt on...